Supporting the Whitman Middle School Music Program

Leadership Contacts

Director of Band: Joel Orsen

Director of Orchestra: Joel Orsen

Secretary: Carol Cheyne

Treasurer: Eric Stoll

Communications: Anne Sylte Bloom

Bake Sale Chair: Sarah Ison

Concert Programs:

Music T-shirts: Sarah Ison  

8th grade Wreath Fundraiser: Melissa Fry

Tractor Tavern: 

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser Coordinator:

Jazz Festival Coordinator: Joanne Laha

Liaison to the Whitman PTSA: 

Webmaster: Carol Cheyne

Friends of Whitman Music is always happy to have someone join the ranks and take on a project. 

Projects and tasks are varied; they can be little, or big, take up short amounts of time at specific times of the year, or might be an all year commitment. We've probably got something that you can manage, just ask. As you can see, several of us are filling multiple roles and would love some help!