Supporting the Whitman Middle School Music Program

Meeting Minutes

21 October 2019

Shirts - have been ordered, expecting early November

Wreath Sales - need to start up soon (Melissa Fry) Senior band and Orchestra

Bake Sales - Karen will organize for December concert, will also have Donation box (and maybe square)

Appeal Letters - to be completed ASAP

Instruments - $100 ask, include sad instrument photo

Chamber & Jazz - $35 ask 

General - $35

Peddlers Fundraiser - went well last year, planning to book for same week next year 

Don't want to go earlier - more likely to have bad weather

If we go later, better chance for better weather, but leave little time for Joel to prep for Silverwood

Choir UPdate

  • Carol's job has changed 
  • We had planned to apply for CEF for this program but as it will not be sustained, we don't feel that that would be appropriate
  • 30-ish kids involved
  • Can we ask ASB for funds?
  • Can we look at local elementary schools to see if there might be elementary music teachers interested in filling this void?

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting - Sept 23

Goals: To earn $15K for the year, organize t/shirts and hoodies for students

188 students registered, approximately 30% of student body

Opening Balance of $3250, $2000 set aside for oboe

Over summer, money was spent on refurbishing mouthpieces, ligatures for instruments ($300)

Outside Hiring

Choir - Carol Burton (formerly at Garfield) will be teaching at North Beach and arrangements are being made to have her do after-school choir. 

Endangered Instruments - prices have raised this year up to $5000

We need to rebuild our base of school instruments. The school was supplied with basic instruments when the program opened, but FOWM is responsible for refurbishing and replenishing

Could we find a "success story" to promote the idea of the music program at Whitman to encourage giving to the Alliance

Appeal letter for funding 

  • request donations for school instrument use
  • request donations for additional instruction
  • Start in November (After AGC)
  • end at December Concert

Roles for the year

Website: Carol Cheyne/Molly Brown

Bake Sales: Karen Gustafson

Treasurer: Eric Stol

Wreathes: Melissa Fry

T-Shirts: Amy Franklin Bihary

Appeals: Beth

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting March 18

Present: Joel Orsen, Eric Stoll, Carol Cheyne, Amy Franklin-Bihary

March 5 Concert raised $850 - a little less than the last one, but pretty comparable

Peddler Event - May 9 

    • $1 off each pint sold
    • Donations 
    • Fund-an-item table
    • possible deal with food vendors
    • $5000 goal 
    • all groups will be playing - pop music and fun tunes
Possibility of a grant through Windemere
We will be doing raffle for final concert
School Instruments - about 15-20 band students are borrowing, along with most students not playing violin in the orchestra


Present: Anne Bloom, Eric Stoll, Sarah Ison, Melissa Fry, Joel Orsen

Update on Wreath sales: discussion of how best to alert staff and non-music Whitman Families. Payment can be made on School Pay

Melissa will do a reminder “Blast” to parents regarding wreath sales and due date for orders.

Joel will talk to the kids

T-shirt update: Order in last week, orders are about 3 weeks out. In terms of $ raised: $2-300 in t-shirts, and about $150 in sweatshirts. No invoice received yet.

Husky stadium volunteering. Full for this fall’s games. Someone will need to contact Husky Stadium coordinator in the Spring when sign up happens. Per coordinator; lots of helpers this year. Those who work get paid $15/hour. Unable to say how many slots would be available in the Spring, or how long workers would take to clean the stadium. Potential fund raiser$$$.

Regarding Nordic Heritage Museum as concert/fundraising venue: meeting between Eric and museum postponed.

Discussion of 8th graders making a presentation to parents at concert to encourage donations.

One more meeting before first concert. Bake sale will be straight sale. Dick’s will be second concert fundraiser, and raffle will again be held at third concert.

FOWM Meeting Notes 9/17/18

Joel Orsen, Sarah Ison, Jenny Young, Melissa Fry, Graciella Cuevas, Keren Berry, Anne Sylte Bloom, Ajai Dandekar, Lynette Hoss, Rich Hoss, Eric Stoll, Carol Cheyne

  • Balance ending last year - $5417
  • Starting Expenses - $1374
  • Current Balance - $4043

170 students
6th grade - 14 orchestra, 49 beginner band

  • Moving away from T-shirt sales as the sales as a means to offset the cost of the trips 
    • we will no longer do a yearly design and you purchase a shirt just to get the shirt 
    • order forms will go out early next week
    • tentatively due Oct 5
    • will be able to use school pay (must make contact with Janice Runner)

  • Reviewed yearly expenditures from last year. 
    • spent a significant portion on refurbishing a donated French Horn. 
    • Hoping to purchase an oboe
    • Endangered Instruments program now has a $3600 price tag
    • Reviewed the costs of all trips

  • Revenue Generation
    • Bake Sales: Sarah will continue with this
    • Donations through Alliance for Education (letter to be sent either before of after the AGC
    • Wreath Sales: Melissa will take over
      • sales will offset cost of senior band & orchestra going to Silverwood
      • 1st letter will be going out soon
      • made close to $12000 last year
    • possibly looking at an evening fundraiser (gala) instead of the numerous smaller fundraisers 
      • Laguinitas or Peddlers have a space large enough to accommodate students performing, possible Nordic Heritage
      • aiming to find an opportunity for more students to perform
    • possible Husky Stadium clean up
    • Value Village or Goodwill donations
    • Chucks or Reubens charity night

  • Next Meeting - Oct 15

FOWM Meeting Notes 6/18/18

Sarah Ison, Joel Orsen, Anne Bloom, Amie Cogan, Page Abrahamson, Kim Wagner

  • Discussed what is the best way to disseminate information for the group in the future.  We decided that probably a shared GoogleDocs folder would be best.
  • At the first meeting next year, use the overhead projector to show all of the new parents how to access information.
  • Senior Jazz Band will go to Silverwood next year, along with 8th grade Band & Orchestra
  • Wreaths for Silverwood-how to get more students involved to offset the cost.
  • Put wreaths in the first day packet? Probably not...too much in the packet and might get lost in the shuffle.
  • Last Bake Sale-$2,000+ (someone wrote a $1,000 check)
  • Garage Sale-brought in about $500
  • Kim Wagner offered to make sedum (plant) pots for future sales (garage sales, bake sales, etc.)
  • Sarah will organize bakes sales again next year.
  • Ask the PTA person to include a request to incoming 6th grade welcome night - August 28th - Sarah and Kim said they would do it
  • Still need a treasurer for next year
  • Expect an email in the fall with a letter about t-shirts with some design choices (Sarah)
  • Joel wants to streamline fundraising next year and make a general appeal to families for $$, also not have the t-shirt sales be tied to field trip costs...instead just sell them for cost, as a required band uniform item.
    • Designs for next year’s t-shirts might be recycled from earlier years to save on design fees.
    • It may be fine to have kids wearing different design shirts, but same colors.
    • They could keep the same shirt for more than one year, if they wanted.
  • September meeting--17th (3rd Mondays of each month)
    • Filling positions
    • Wreaths
    • T-shirts
    • Schpiel to draw in and engage new parents
    • Streamline events & fundraising
  • Possible focus for next year:
    • Husky  Stadium clean-up
    • Wreaths
    • Brown Bear Car Wash Sales
    • Venue & Date for Music Festival--spaghetti feed, student performances, etc.
    • Probably NOT going to do Barnes & Noble, Tractor Tavern event next year


Present: Joel Orsen, Page Abrahamson, Carol Cheyne, Anne Sylte Bloom, Sarah Ison, Amie Cogan, Lori Day


Music program student population: 140 (down from 180 last year with opening of Eaglestaff)

Income thus far... $4153 including donations of $1475, Bake Sale $677.35

Wreaths: $10,000 sold with a profit of approximately $5000. This money will be held in the ASB account to be applied to the Grade 8 trip in May. 

Sara will look into Brown Bear Car Wash Fundraiser, getting information from Tina


We made $677.35, down from the $1000 made last year. While not as much as in previous years, this was accomplished with an audience only 75% of what it has been, and with a condensed music program format resulting in only one evening of performances. 

We spoke of the possibility of including two tables for the bake sale, perhaps one by the exit door. Also, including a timeline for the concert with the SignUp Genius may help people decide when to volunteer. 


Delivery will always be Monday after Thanksgiving.

Using SchoolPay cause a few headaches. Anne will be updating notes and meeting with Miste before next year's fundraiser. 

Is there a possibility of doing this as a general fundraiser? 


Raised between $1500 and $2000. These funds were applied to the ASB and bridged the gap left by the Wild Waves trip last year. 


We are looking at the possibility of doing a pizza lunch with Dick's milkshakes for the spring. Must deal with the cafeteria union. 


Looking to purchase another method book for the senior orchestra. 

Need to purchase some chamber music for chamber orchestra

All pieces have been purchased for the next concert

Hoping to raise funds this year to purchase a new oboe and/or french horn. 

Friends of Whitman Music


Present: Joel Orsen, Carol Cheyne, Anne Sylte Bloom, Lyn Blanchard, Sarah Ison, Amie Cogan, Lori Day


Alliance for Education 

  • 42 out of 164 families have made the donation suggested in the band syllabus and notes

  1. we will look at having this added to the PTSA newsletter in the coming mailing

Wreath Sales
  • order forms have gone out with senior band and orchestra students
  • parents can pay using SchoolPay and there is a link for families to share if someone would prefer to pay using credit. However, we felt it would be easier ensuring and tracking orders if we just focused on cash and cheques accepted at the time of the order. 
  • Lori has stepped up to help with distribution as Amie will be out of town
  • Delivery day is set for November 20th

  1. there seem to be a lot of 9th graders still on the list as parents have not yet 'opted out'
  2. we plan to 'repopulate' the mailing list from Joel's contact list
  3. after an email has gone out using the new list, Joel will email to ask parents to make sure they are receiving the communications, and to encourage them to 'opt in' using the website

  1. Order has been submitted
  2. We are expecting them back in two weeks

Tractor Tavern
  1. Lori will contact about date availability for late April/early May (a Sunday afternoon)
Friends of Whitman Music

Present: Joel Orsen, Page Abrahms, Carol Cheyne, Camila Aguine, Cara Davidson, Tina Montgomery, Anne Sylte Bloom, Lyn Blanchard, Shaun Towers, Ellen Greenberg, Sarah Ison, Amie Cogan

Fundraising Goal & Budget – in past years has been $15,000

Student Musician population – approx. 160


·      M. Chandler is inputting the orders

·      Families are paying via online SchoolPay and with forms and cheques

·      Due Oct 6

·      Scholarships available for those who need it

·      To be worn on all field trips

·      About $10 from each shirt goes towards trips

Funds - Two accounts

·   ASB 

    • Funding though the School and school based account
    • Currently in debt as bussing for WildWaves Grade 7 trip was significantly more expensive than previous years
    • Used to pay for field trips

·   Alliance for Education – Proxy Nonprofit account

    • Donation button on website
    • Used for classroom materials: sheet music, instruments, instrument repairs and maintenance
    • Current expenses include piano tuning, sheet music for November concert, new percussion mallets, new drumline equipment, and festival registration fees

Wreath Sale

·      Coordinator - Amie Cogan

·      Helps to fund Senior Band and Senior Orchestra’s trip to Silverwood in May

·      Waiting to hear back with this year’s pricing

·      Can be completed on SchoolPay

·      Can be added to PTSA full school newsletter

Looking for additional fundraising options without stepping on PTSA toes…

·      Brown Bear Car Wash

Leadership Group

Annual Picnic coordinator: Page Abrahamson

Bake Sale coordinator: Sarah Ison

Barnes & Noble Fundraiser coordinator: Page Abrahamson

Tractor Tavern Fundraiser: Lori Day

Treasurer: Page Abrahamson

T-Shirts coordinator: Sarah Ison

Winter Greenery Fundraiser coordinator: Amie Cogan

Webmaster: Carol Cheyne

Communications: Anne Sylte Bloom

Secretary: Carol Cheyne

Next meeting: 16 OCT 2017, 5:30pm in Band Room

Friends of Whitman Music
Minutes for 5/15/17

Present: Joanne, Joel, Julie, Lauren, Lu, Page, Sarah, Tristie
Submitted by Julie Cook

1. Updates: 

Joel: Bellevue Jazz Festival went well; drum line to march in Ballard Syttende Mai Parade on Tuesday.

2. End of year picnic will take place: Tuesday, June 13, 5:30-8:00 pm

Tristi volunteered to get hot dogs, buns, condiments and water from Costco for ~60 pple.

Julie  will email elementary schools to promote in their newsletters.

We will put in WMS newsletter and also call for new FOWM parents to join for 2017-18. Joel has been visiting elementary school music groups and includes the picnic on his info sheet that he gives to students.

Julie reserved the shelter at Golden Gardens. 

We still a need volunteer(s) to cook hot dogs prior to start. Will ask families to bring side dishes, desserts.

3. Summer concert raffle:

Julie has contacted Jazz Alley and Triple Door. Jazz Alley donated gift card for two tickets to a show. Still waiting to hear from Triple Door.

Sarah will contact the Zoo about donation of tickets to Zoo Tunes. Page will contact the Symphony for donation.

We will sell the tickets for $5/each at both concerts in June. We'll use the red "carnival" tickets that Lu thinks the PTA has already.

Will promote in newsletter and Tristi will include a call for volunteers to sell tickets with her bake sale call for help.

4.Barnes & Noble Fundraiser follow-up:

Page said her contact at B&N was let go the day before the fundraiser, which made for a bit of chaos setting up on the day. She also is trying to get a contact from B&N to report the final amount of our proceeds. Stay tuned!

5. Tractor Tavern Fundraiser: Sunday 5/21:

Joanne said everything is going well. She'll need a check for $200 to pay TT on the day. Greater Giving site is active for advance purchase, and has a couple parents volunteering to sell tickets at the door.

Friends of Whitman Music
Minutes for 4/17/17
Present: Deb, Joanne, Joel, Julie, Lauren, Tristi
Submitted by Julie Cook

1. Summer concert raffle ideas: decided to pursue ticket to music performances. Julie will contact Jazz Alley and Triple Door to ask for $100 donations of a gift card to use for tickets. This will allow for greatest flexibility for the raffle winner.
2. Tractor Tavern: set-up online ticket sales at Greater Giving site: Joanne will contact Daria who did this last year.
3. End of year picnic: Julie will reserve a shelter at Golden Gardens for Tuesday, June 13.
4.Last FOWM meeting is Monday June 19. Try to get new parents to join us at that meeting. Can recruit at the picnic.
Friends of Whitman Music
Minutes for 3/20/17
Present: Joanne, Joel, Julie, Lauren, Lu, Page, Tristie
Submitted by Julie Cook

1. Directors' updates:
March concerts (3/7 & 3/8)  went well.
Joel: WMS hosted a middle school band festival week of 3/13 which was fun.
Lauren: On 3/30 WMS will host a middle school orchestra festival. On 4/5 WMS will participate in a choral showcase  in the evening at Pathways.

2. Tractor Tavern fundraiser updates: (Joanne): The tractor will charge us the same fee as last year: $200 for sound board, equipment, etc. Daria will make a poster that can be used for communication campaign; We will sell tickets online using Greater Giving and at the door.

3. Barnes & Noble fundraiser updates: (Page): Page will get the schedule from Joel & Lauren and send to the B&N contact. Everything is moving ahead smoothly. We will expect the WMS Librarian to have a list of books that people can purchase for the Library. There will also be a code that can be used to purchase online for a period around the date, with the percentage going to WMS music.

4. Dick's Burger Buy fundraiser: we sold about 65 orders @$15 each. Sarah Ison will need volunteers to help with meal pick up and delivery on
April 6, lunch periods.Contact Sarah if you can help. We brought in about $2400 both nights including the bake sale proceeds.

5. Spring concert raffle fundraiser: we need to decide on an item to raffle off. There was a discussion of performance tickets and a technology device. Julie will email the group to brainstorm so we can decide and move forward at the next FOWM meeting, April 17.

Music Meeting Minutes for 2/27/17
Minutes submitted by Joanne Laha


  1. RESMS music program supporters – Parent Steve was present. Joel didn’t believe we had any bylaws for our particular group. Lucinda (Lu) seemed to be aware that there is some type of number we use (possibly through PTSA) for financial matters.


2. Tractor Tavern Update – Joanne is contacting Greg at Tractor Tavern for fee information for use of the Tractor on May 21. Once this is received we can determine ticket cost. Last year’s tickets were $5 per student, $10 person, and $15 for family. Once the ticket info is determined, revised poster will be created for the event. Lu will be assisting with ticket sales and will be contact person to maintain a list to be used at front door. We have decided to do both advanced ticket sales (Greater Giving) as well as the Square at the door. Joel will be contacting Ballard High music to find out if they will do a guest appearance for that day.


3. Spring Concert /Dick’s Burger Buy Fundraising – Silent auction during both Spring Concerts in March. There will be a separate table set up with trifold (made by Sarah) outside auditorium for purchasing a ticket. The cost will be $10 per ticket/child. This will cover 1 burger, shake and fries. Cash or checks made out to Alliance For Education will be taken. We also will take down parent’s email for information. At this point there is no limit placed on “winners” as we want to wait to see the popularity of the sales. We discussed that it may be easier to have the burger bags all in the band room for students to pick up on a selected date (We mentioned the Friday before spring break in April). Front office can make an announcement that day for those who have bags to go to band room. Bake Sale will be set up separately – Tristie will be sending out another request for help with this.


4. Barnes and Noble – An advertisement should go out sometime in March to promote the performance and the proceeds to the book sales that day.


 5. Discussion on hold for possible raffle or fundraiser for last concert of the year in June. Ideas can be discussed at later meetings. We need more information on raffle cost parameters.





Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

December 12, 2016

Present: Joel, Lauren, Julie, Page, Joanne, Tristi, Sarah, Linda

Minutes submitted by Julie Cook

1. Director updates: winter concerts were a success.

Events coming up:


January 27th: 7th and 8th grade band will go to MoPop (formerly known as EMP) for adjudicated rehearsals and a performance in the Sky Church.

February 6: Symphonic Band will go to the Pacific Northwest Band Festival. There will be adjudicated rehearsals and a performance. Final concert will be at 4:30 with potential of having some 8th grade band students participating. Open to the public.

Field trip on January 6 to the District Choral Festival: middle schools from Seattle Schools will send choirs. Adjudicated rehearsals and a performance. Held at Eckstein M.S.

Intermediate Orchestra will go to MoPop on January 17th for adjudicated rehearsal/performance.

Early February: Northwest Cluster orchestra festival: more info TBA.   March 30: Middle school orchestra festival: all day more info TBA.

Early April: Northwest Cluster choir festival: more info TBA.

2. Wreath/Greenery sales final figures: a profit of $3579.00 was realized! Big thanks to Deb and Karen for faciliating this successful fundraiser!

3. Bake sales: $1200 was made from bake sales at the Winter Concerts. Tristi reported that they went well. Perhaps need more baked items for orchestra concert night.

4. Joanne: Jazz festival update: Dan at the Tractor confirmed that Whitman is welcome to hold this event at the venue again in 2017. Joel has been thinking of playing with different formats this time.  Perhaps having smaller combo groups perform will be logistically and physically easier for the students. April 2 is our first choice. Joanne will check with Dan about this.

5. Barnes & Noble fundraiser: Page is thinking of April 29 for the event. She will contact B&N to find out more.

6. Funky Formal is February 11, 2017: do we want to procure items to add to the silent auction? In the past we’ve had a sign up for voluntary donations. We might make more if we get donations of music related items, such as symphony tickets, etc. Sarah will get in touch with Jenny at the PTSA to confirm that FOWM can do this.

7. FOWM next meeting is changed to January 23 due to the 9th being the MLK, Jr. holiday.


Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

October 17, 2016

Minutes submitted by Julie Cook

1. Orion Misciagna  joined us to present his offer of painting the musical groups at their performances and donating the  paintings to raise funds for FoWM. Lauren will follow up with him and ascertain the best scenario for this to happen.

2. Director updates: Winter concerts are in November. Bands on 11/29, orchestras and choir on 11/30 .

3. Wreath and greenery update: forms are due to school on October 19. So far $1024 has been collected. The wreaths will be delivered for pickup at school on November 21.

4. T-shirt update: Sarah has 233 orders. The shirts should be available in about 2 weeks.

5. Discussion of a spring jazz festival possibly at the Tractor Tavern again. Sarah will make contact with Tractor to see if he is willing to host us.

FoWM First Meeting School Year 2016/17       
September 19, 2016
Minutes submitted by Deb Fitzpatrick

Introduction of Attendees: Joel Orsen, Lauren Hepburn, Julie, Sarah, Lucinda, Joanne, Lynn, Tristie, Linda, Paige, Deb, Karen, Heather Norberg who is the PTSA treasurer


    ⁃    Julie Cook: leadership and website

    ⁃    Joanne: communications

    ⁃    Karen Oboy & Deb Fitzpatrick: wreath fundraiser

    ⁃    Tristie McJilton: bake sales

    ⁃    Sarah Ison: tee shirts

    ⁃    Lou-$$

Why we fund raise:

⁃ Music ASB acct is run by school: for busses, subs for concerts;

⁃ T-shirts sales raise $ for field trips

⁃ Alliance for Education holds money raised from band

⁃ So far have a need for replacement mouth pieces, sheet music,

⁃ Alliance Balance = $2383

General Information:

⁃ Ms Hepburn has approx. 117 students, Mr. Orsen has approx. 150 students

⁃ Concert dates syllabus: Nov 29 & 30 (band then orchestra/choir respectively)

⁃ Silverwood and Wild Waves; concert band, Intermediate orchestra and choir. Choir only participates at Wild Waves, not Silverwood.

⁃ T-shirt sales over 80 forms returned so far. Should staff members be included?

⁃ Google: [email protected]; all music families emails are in the mail chimp account so we can contact them using Mail Chimp campaigns.

Future fundraising efforts:

⁃ Tractor was great but difficult to mange that many kids for Joel; had to bring a lot of equipment, space was bit of an issue. Maybe find new location with sound and some equipment.

⁃ Auditorium: awaiting district approval for installing new sound system. This is thru PTSA.


Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

May 23, 2016

Notes submitted by Rachel Hart

Present: Anne Sylte Bloom, Julie Cook, Roxy Fairchild, Glenda Harris, Lauren Hepburn, Sarah Ison, Patti Kashiwa, Joel Orsen, Rachel Rios

Director updates:
Wild Waves went well Saturday 5/22
Music in the Parks for Choir Band and Orchestra--Orchestra and Band went, 7th graders
Mural being painted in the room by local artist Orion (work all over Wallingford)
Silverwood coming up
Final concert on June 8th for Choir and Orchestra

Syttende Mai parade and Barnes and Noble went well
Bellevue Jazz festival in early May we were two points away from making the finals!
Silverwood is coming
Final concert on June 7th
Beginning to Viewlands Elementary next week for performance; 5th parents at Loyal Heights
Incoming band participating is 40 for intermediate and 20 for beginning band
Hasn’t been to Greenwood in 5 years. Tries to move it around and when they can schedule things.

-Question: Can kids change their minds and sign up for Band and in Orchestra after they’ve filled out the forms? YES! They can change on their form by getting in touch with Dana or Miste. SOMEONE NEEDS TO COMMUNICATE THIS WITH WHO? SCHOOLS?

-Barnes and Noble Report: (Patti)
Sales did great, and we were in the 15% mark. Will receive a check for $800 or more

-End of year Music Potluck is Tuesday June 14 at Shelter #1 at Golden Gardens
Help needed: 4 need help with barbecue and setting up tables
Sara will do Signup sheet at the potluck and will do the trifold with info on the music program
Anne will produce a Flyer to call for FOWM volunteer positions.
Bring a side dish!
Joel will address the group and welcome

-Someone from the Friends of Whitman music speak at upcoming concerts:
--welcome and invite people to take on positions (Rachel agreed for band, Julie will speak at orchestra with a script written by Lauren):
--Barnes and Noble Coordinator--Patti has info
--Bake Sale Person (ideal to have two, one from orch and band; maybe kids can help sell too?)
--6th and 7th grader leadership rep
--Community Promotion
--Jazz Fest Coordinator
--Address that we’re running low on our coffers need funds to make sure end of year funds are taken care of break $1,000 bake sale or make a donation here.

Other tidbits:
--Auction item idea for next year’s funky formal: kids ride next to Joel Orsen on the rides at Silverwood! Could  charge $25 a pop for it, as many times as Joel could stomach :)
--Garage sale--earned $600 for Whitman-- Lucinda Karssiden did it!

Rachel will be transferring all the contacts I've amassed during publicity efforts into the Mail chimp lists so you can use it for next year and send emails from Mail Chimp to this list for publicity purposes. The list includes a mix of  local schools, local media and local community groups like the Ballard market for reader board opportunities. I'll be able to finish that in the next couple of weeks.

Do we have a generic Friends of Whitman Music email we can start and use, along the lines of the newsletter email and pta president etc email? They use gmails. I will ask if we can get one set up.

Next meeting is June 20th...maybe only have one if we have interest from new people?

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

April 18, 2016

Notes submitted by Rachel Hart

Present: Lucinda, Anne, Rachel, Joel, Roxy (student teacher), I forget who else, sorry!!! PLEASE FILL IN

Band director’s report:

May 6 : Jazz band at Bellevue Festival 11:20 warm up time, during school day. If perform in top 3, invited to play that night. So kids know stayed at the Festival if get selected, come back to Whitman and then contact parents at show would be at 7:30.
May 7: Barnes and Noble
May 17: Drum Line at Syttende Mai Parade
May 21: Festival
June 3-5: Silverwood trip  (8th grade band and orchestra)
June 7: Concert -band
June 8: Orchestra and choir (no conflict with Ingraham)
Student teacher rocks

Choir and Orchestra director report:
Gearing up for Barnes and Noble
Wild Waves and Silverwood

Tractor Tavern Recap
Positive, Dan Cowan at Tractor loved it, was inspired, wants to do it again.
Rachel willing to liaison with parent helping to coordinate next year.

Joel’s feedback:
Space on stage is tight
Logistics maneuvering around were hard
Storage for instruments was difficult, places for kids to be and hang out.
Can we orient another way?
Kids getting on and off stage…perhaps have one side kids get on and the other kids get off.
Parents took on the chairs for the kids--next time put parents on point
Another venue… Pono Ranch?
Sunset Tavern--option but smaller.
We like the Tractor “cache” and local aspect
Perhaps Ballard kids bring the drums?
Different time of year? January??
Perhaps one 25 minute set rather than 2-20 minute sets to avoid blowing chops

Barnes and Noble:
May 7 event
Noon - 3
Email vouchers and poster to Rachel to distribute to the elementary schools and to our newsletter person
11:30- Jazz band kids arrive
12:00 - Jazz Band on the main floor in the Nook area
12:30 p.m. - 6th grade orchestra upstairs South wall
1 p.m. - Intermediate 6th grade band Upstairs west wall
1:30 p.m. - Choir main floor Nook area
2 p.m.-  7th grade orchestra upstairs south wall
2:30 p.m.-  8th grade orchestra upstairs next to North escalator
3 p.m. - 7th and 8th grade Pep Band upstairs around the banister, percussion in front of West windows

Tee shirt design for 2016- 17
--One version with a staff with tune of “charge” or Whitman Wildcat music
--Another with conductor hands
--Notes arbitrary notes on the staff, though this year we had a staff design
--Could include bass and treble clefs
--Important things to consider: Year on the tee shirt, name of Whitman prominent, prominent from a distance
--Scholarships available
--Order form language: here’s what you get when you buy your shirt. You get a shirt to wear for performances, are paying for performances. Tri-fold that has pictures of what Friends of Music booster does, what we support….
--Send Deb photos for it, and Joel will send her some stats on what it supports

Profit per shirt is $10?

Next year: Friends of Whitman Music
So many leaving: Sending out appeal for this year’s 6th and 7th grade families and 5th grade incoming band students
Positions needed:
Barnes and Noble Coordinator
Bake Sale Coordinator
6th grade parent leadership team rep
7th grade parent leadership team rep
Community liaison / outreach person
Jazz Fest coordinator
Wreaths coordinator

Helpful to have a secretary (it’s been who is here in terms of who is taking notes)
Tee shirts: taken care of

Joel do an informal quick introduction, do an appeal for the positions at the picnic, have volunteers there to detail/answer questions

** Schedule for Tues June 14 or 15 Weds  (Adams end of year choir AND band concert June 16)
Need help to set up


Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

March 21, 2016

Notes submitted by Rachel Hart


  1. End of the year concert dates need to be moved because of a conflict with Ballard HS and Ingraham HS concerts.  New dates will be announced soon.


  • Mr. Orsen has a new student teacher: Roxy Fairchild, from University of Washington

Recruiting ideas for FOWM Leadership and key roles- positions needed:
  • Bake sale coordinators (2?)
  • 7th grade parent (leadership team)
  • 6th grade parent (leadership team)
  • T-shirt assistant (?)
  • Send Email blast to music families near the end of the school year
  • Prepare handout to be distributed at the end of year picnic, which would engage incoming 6th grade families
  • WMS Jazz festival at the Tractor Tavern
    • Publicity is out (Ballard Market reader board, ++)
    • Communication to families who have students performing is needed, also need to remind them families of students need a ticket
    • Students need to bring music stands
    • Ticket sales are underway ($115 sold, so far)
    • Student attire still TBD (either regular concert attire or band t-shirts with black pants/skirts)
    • Adults will get bracelets which will allow them access to the cash bar area of the tavern
    • Drums and keyboard will set up at 11:30
    • Other musicians arrive at 12:30
    • 1.5 hour total performance time
    • Order of play--Junior Jazz, Senior Jazz first set, Combo (BHS), Senior Jazz second set
    • Need two ticket takers to help sell tickets at the door. We have a square and cash box Lucinda can help coordinate.
    • Is Joel doing a Program ?? (Rachel forgot to ask this at meeting)


  • More photos needed for the Barnes and Noble promotional materials--email anything you have to Anne, then she will pass it along to Patti

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

February 22, 2016

Notes Prepared by Anne Bloom (Rachel Rios documented Tractor info)

Present: Tammy Hase, Jenny Young, Lucinda, Anne Bloom, Debby Kleiss, Rachel Hart Rios, Lauren, Joel

Instructors’ updates:
●    The 8th grade Wind Ensemble will be playing this Wednesday at the Northwest Regional Concert at Ballard High School. The concert starts at 7pm and should end around 8:15pm.
●    March 9th will be the next 6th and 7th grade Band and Orchestra concert, and will also include the Choir (WMS Auditorium).
●    March 10th Will be the 8th grade Band, Orchestra and Jazz band concert (WMS Auditorium).
●    The Orchestras performed recently at the northwest cluster concert, along with McClure, Ballard HS, and all of the feeder elementary programs.  A good time was had by all.

Schedule and music options for the 2016/2017 school year:
●    The current proposal in place for next year’s schedule would merge the 7th and 8th grade orchestras into one group of over 50 students.  The 6th grade orchestra would remain separate. There would be two choirs (6th grade and a combined 7th and 8th grade).  Parent feedback to WMS admin on this planned change is encouraged.
●    An email should go out to all parents on the FOWM mailing list to inform them of this significant change to the program. 
●    Another change next year will be that students in the bands will have more flexibility to be grouped by the instructors based on ability, rather than only their grade level.

Bake sales:
●    Debby will get out a sign-up form soon for the upcoming bake sales (March concerts). 
●    A new bake sale coordinator for next year needs to be identified, so that the new person can ‘train’ with Debbie at the last concert of the year, before taking over the reins.

Tractor Tavern performance:
●    Sunday April 3, 1-3 pm
●    Daria helping with ticket sales web site
●    Newsletter
●    Email music parents--JOEL needs to email parents first
●    Rachel to promote to feeder elementary schools
●    Promote to myballard and Ballard Tribune,
●    Ballard Market reader board posting week of March 31

Follow up questions for the Tractor (Rachel following up):
Do they have a piano?
What time can we get in to set up?

To pay them: $200 set aside from the bake sale

●    $239-ish was made by selling baked goods at the BHS Strings Fest held at WMS.
●    $625 was made at the Funky Formal.  Up to $1,000 could potentially be made at the FFF, with a display and a parent or teacher standing near to draw people in and donate. (Library made over $1200)
●    The FFF surpassed it's goal - so the PTSA has extra money! It is suggested that the music teachers ask for something in a CEF grant before the end of the year. The PTSA funded the vibraphone already this year, but the money earned this year is suppose to be spent this year and there are some great music supporters on the board.  This needs to be discussed and decided on at the next FOWM meeting.

Barnes & Noble fundraiser:
●    Saturday May 7th noon till 2:30pm
●    All 6th, 7th & 8th grade bands, orchestras and choirs performing.
●    Pictures are needed for the promotional posters for the event (eg.  one for band, one for orchestra, one for choir).
●    B and N will be printing up posters and flyers for us to use to advertise the event.  It would be nice to hang them in the feeder elementary schools and also put it in their newsletters.

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting
January 11, 2016

Minutes submitted by Rachel Hart

Attendance: Tammy Hase, Joel Orsen, Lauren Hepburn, Jenny, Mara, Sarah Ison, Julie Cook

Directors’ Updates

Lauren: Choir and Orchestra

-Choir went to middle school festival on Friday, Joel attended on Lauren’s behalf. Had a great time adjudicator.

-Thursday 7th graders going to EMP. Perform, have lunch at Armory and hang out at EMP.

-Regional String Showcase is Feb 2nd at Whitman Middle School in Evening. Elementary School, Middle School and Ballard High School

-7th grade choir girls have decided they are still going to have choir anyway. For after school, Every day on Tuesday will be after school choir. Will be all grades. Starting asap, will put a notice in the bulletin.

-Regional choral showcase on April 6

Joel: Bands

-Both 8th grade groups preparing for trip to University of WA, Pacific Northwest Band festival.

Performance and critique from clinician. Master classes during lunch with UW Staff and students on instruments they play. February 8th.

-7th graders will do their field trip in Feb to EMP. Star Program: hire a local musician to listen and

give critiques.

-Regional band concert in February . Only the 8th grade wind ensemble

-March Whitman hosting band festival during the day, 1st period 8th grade group performing on the Vibraphone: Vibraphone came in and beautiful, purchased from CEF dollars funded

in full. Jazz band and 7th and 8th graders kids. Check out Joel playing the last day before Xmas break!

Tractor Tavern Whitman Jazz Festival

-Rachel Hart coordinating/writing copy for poster and web site

-Asking Anne if she can do the poster/flyer

-Ticket Sales: Daria helping to set up online sales.

Try this to see what it looks like, needs logo and copy:

Suggested to add on the credit card fee for ticket price. Good idea!

-The lineup: Depending on time we have, potential lineup could be the following: No Ballard Jazz

band to not “show up” the kids. Small combo ok. Priority is to showcase Whitman Jazz bands,

Potential Lineup:

One small group from Ballard: Rachel will ask Michael- is there a combo work do they want a gig or Vocal jazz group- you guys decide. Rachel email.

Junior Jazz-  20 minutes

Jazz Band- 30- 40 minutes

-Make sure/ clear with groups money is going to us

-UPDATE: Elementary school group (Ericka reported after the meeting that this group has a concert that night as well)

- Rachel clarifying with Dan at Tractor time we have to set up: UPDATE: Dan says we will have

people here at noon, to set up stage, do sound checks etc. plan to open to public at 1 pm.

Funky Formal

February 6

Tickets online

Last few years $20 or $25 can give money directly to music once you are there and leave it up for Web site. Have had $1,000 in past. Last year was only $800.

VOLUNTEER NEEDED FOR Someone to do a set up with a trifold thing with pictures to make it

more of a draw…to grab attention, people write bid numbers… Buy a music stand, Sheet music

Have rice thermometer on hand?

Raise the Paddle focus not decided yet

We hope everyone can come!

Ms Gustafson will do her book thing this year.

Barnes and Noble event -May 7

Update from Patti:

I am unable to attend the meeting this afternoon but can you let the committee know

that I will be meeting with a representative at Barnes and Noble this Thursday to fill out

paperwork for the music fundraiser that will be on Sat, May 7th. Just confirming that this

IS the day that works best for you both? Lauren and Joel say it’s OK for them. Waiting

for B+N confirmation.

Also when you know more about your June schedules, let me know what day works

best for a picnic so I can reserve the shelter in advance.

I will also print up and email instructions on organizing both events for future committee

members. If someone would like to learn the ropes this year send them my way. They

would not need to do much unless they wanted to but it is good to just observe the sounds like a lot but it is not really that difficult or time consuming once your

have done it once. I am sorry that I am not able to be at the meetings but I have a

standing commitment every Monday, Wed, and Fri afternoons and evenings but I still

want to support what you are doing. Let me know if you need help with anything else!

Thanks for all that you do. Patti

Chaperones for upcoming performances and Silverwood (Do we need them?)

Ok so far, need a few more but never a problem

Joel will send out emails for the UW thing too.

Friday are group pictures--kids need to wear their band shirts!


Feb 2 Orchestra Cluster concert at Whitman in the evening

Feb 8 UW Band festival 8th grade

Feb 22 Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

Feb 24 Band Cluster concert at Ballard High (Wind Ensemble only)

March 9 Spring Concert: 6th & 7th grade Choirs/Orchestras/Bands

March 10 Band Spring Concert: 8th grade Orchestra/Band/Jazz Band

March 21 Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

April 3 Tractor Tavern Whitman Jazz Festival (2-4 pm)

April 6 NW Choral Concert (evening?)

April 18 Friends of Whitman Music

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting
November 16, 2015
Minutes submitted by Deb Fitzpatrick 

Instructor updates
- Concerts in Dec 2nd (band) and 3rd (orchestra)
- Jazz band performs this Sat.11/21 in Mill Creek, includes 40 min. clinic; concert attire for performance
- First qtr ended
- EMP field trip confirmed for 6th graders in Feb (orchestra)

Bake Sale
- sign up genius for bakers to go out before Thanksgiving
- include info on FofWM and fundraiser info and display at another table

Programs for concerts-need someone to design program; Joel will send email ask to all parents

- $1300 more than last year
- delivery on nov 23, pick up by buyers on 23 and 24; hours And exact location TBD
- Anne will add Karen and me to mail chimp so we can send info out to families.
- Joel can send info to 8th grade families only too

Metropolitan music has rep that allows purchase of bigger items in installments; pay up front what you can, then continue to pay each year. Joel going to meet with rep. Also going to ask PTA for $ from enrichment grant funds.

Tractor Tavern fundraiser -
- we can do raffle (deb)
- sell tix through brown paper tickets. Maybe we can use greater giving program
- jr jazz 15 min program; senior jazz about 45 min.; maybe have elementary jazz group perform too (but they would not benefit from proceeds)
- fiddle tunes a maybe (orchestra strings)
- need someone to create a poster/flyer
- tickets $10 single, $15 for family?
- could we get our jazz band on KPLU?? KEXP??

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting 

October 19, 2015

Attendance: Joel Orsen, Lauren Hepburn, Rachel Hart Rios, Anne Bloom, Julie Cook, Deb Fitzpatrick, Lucinda Carscadden. Notes taken by Rachel Rios


Directors’ Updates

Band Update:

Concert music circulated, drum line started, junior jazz started

Jazz band has festival on Nov 21st


Choir and orchestra:

7th grade choir has been cut, due to the teacher reductions. Lauren Hepburn’s contract reduced to .8 time.

6th grade choir still intact (24 kids in 6th) but 7th grade choir was cut (14 kids in 7th choir). Sue looked at all the classes under 20 and had to disperse. Lauren was informed on Friday.

(Side note: Some special ed teachers are reducing time so they can stay with their students)

Question: Did they order tee shirts that we need to refund?


Suggested to do 7th grade choir as a before school program…but need advance notice for that.


Perhaps do outreach to 5th grade choir students to recruit so you can get 20 kids in the choir to keep it going, (which seems to be the magic number)


6th Grade Parent Representative on FOWM

Shari Hyder and Lucinda decided to co chairing for the 6th grade team


Secretary Selection

Rachel Rios and Deb Fitzpatrick agreed to take notes if they are at the meetings.

Send minutes out after typed up.

Julie will post on web site.


Tractor Tavern Concert Opportunity

Tractor Tavern owner Dan Cowan is Rachel Rios’s neighbor and willing to host 2-hour performance from 2-4 on a Sunday

March 9 is Spring Concert; Banes and Noble is likely April 30

Let’s ask for Sunday April 3

Junior Jazz and Jazz Band both

String kids could do bluegrass small group—fiddle stuff

Rachel will ask Ballard High School if they want to join us with a small combo to fill the set

Perhaps even invite NW Region Jazz Cats--Elementary school jazz band also from Whittier and Salmon Bay

(20-25 families, 20 families with jazz groups)

Ask if Dan on any of drink prices can go to the tickets.


$10 single

$15 family

Get final estimate from Dan and then we can determine ticket items.

Also do a Raffle—4 substantial items that people would want to win. Deb F willing to coordinate Raffle. Fundraiser for Vibraphone

(they are about $6,000). Dmitri’s Jazz Alley

Poster/flyer for it—Joel sending out emails to parents to see if someone can design programs this year. Could base it on Anne’s tee shirt design.



T-shirt update

Everything moving along fine according to Sarah. He will have everything ready for deadline for group photos on the 6th of November.



Wreath Update

Deb F: $2,700 so far. Orders are due the 23rd.

Don’t have to order till Nov 1 but Joel would prefer to wrap up by Oct 23.

Envelopes with check and money inside and envelope.

Kids get order forms back so they can distribute. There is an order form online too.

Deb F getting info to Gretchen, Whitman newsletter person, so she can do a standalone edition to call out for wreaths sales this week



Web site Feedback

Julie updating. Thinking of changing colors too.

Talked about somebody taking pictures at Band rehearsals and concerts for the web sites to update.

Henry Gilchrist’s mother Della Chen is an excellent photographer and can take them. Joel will ask if she can take more and come into class to take pictures of rehearsals too.


Brainstorm other potential fundraising ideas

Fund an item thing at Funky Formal on Feb 6: perhaps a music item (The Vibraphone?)

Open wreath sales to 6th and 7th grade? Keep 8th graders sales going toward their trip and other grades could just be a fundraiser for music program.

Garage sale—Greenwood garage sale day. Raise money for the Whitman music, 10 families contributed etc. PTA. Raised $1500. Do that again this year.




Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

May 11, 2015

Instructor Report:

  • Orchestra has had opportunity to work with the Seattle Chamber Society; breaking into small groups and receiving coaching. They’ll be performing for each other this week.
  • Last Friday the Jazz Band performed at the Bellevue High School festival, worked with the clinician and got great feedbacks
  • Tonight: woodwind quartet is performing at North Beach / Adams concert
  • Received request for the jazz band to perform at Loyal Heights music performance on 5/26 – will see if that works.

Upcoming Performances:

  • This coming Sunday: Drumline will be in the Cinco de Mayo parade
  • The 6th grade band will be performing for North Beach students on May 28 during school
  • Spring Band Concert May 27, 7pm
  • Spring Orchestra/Choir Concert May 28, 7pm
    • Bake sale sign ups for each concert will be coming around

Other Events:

  • B&N Fundraiser: Whitman is well within 15% rebate category; and even received some extra donations. The Library benefited as well with over 2 boxes of books. There were $6600 in purchases the first day. If we hit $10,000 by Wednesday, we’ll fall into the 20% rebate bracket
    • Barnes & Noble performances were great fun; and Mr. Orsen was impressed by the leadership shown by the 8th grade students
  • End of Year Picnic: Tuesday June 9: – shelters are booked at Golden Gardens and Potluck start at 5:30. Expect more information to come. Families - invite any incoming 6th graders to attend to meet their new teachers!
  • Silverwood trip for 8th grade band– May 29 -31:
    • More information coming home later this week for all students participating
    • Departure after school on the 29th,
    • Returning around 1-2pm on the 31st.

Recruitment for ongoing music program:

  • Getting great participation:
    • Looks like two sections of 6th grade band next year.
    • Next year will have add a 7th grade choir

Friends of Whitman Music (FOWM):

  • Will have Friends of Whitman Music table at the 6th grade orientation for 2015/16 school year – (likely September 1). Table will have flyers, Music t-shirt forms, and generally welcome folks to Whitman Music

FOWM Officers for next year:

  • Have 7th and 8th grade representation on leadership team
  • Have Treasures
  • Roles still to fill:
    • 6th grade representative on leadership team
    • Secretary

Income for Music program:

  • At two-thirds and hope to reach goal for Whitman Music 2015 with:
    • Funds from B&N still to come
    • Proceeds from Spring Concert bake sales
    • Direct Appeal at Spring Concerts.
    • Thanks to all the music families for your Support!

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

February 9, 2015

Recent performances:

  • Jazz group at Pono Ranch was great!
  • 8th grade groups had field trip to UW Band Festival. Students played in a festival atmosphere, received clinician feedback. Went very well.

Upcoming Performances:

  • Solo and ensemble contest forms collected last week.
  • Wednesday, February 25th, performance for Wind Ensemble at Ballard HS Regional Concert.
  • March 10, Spring Concert for choir, and 6th and 7th grade orchestra and bands
  • March 11, Spring Concert for 8th grade groups, ending with combined band and orchestra piece
  • March 26th , at Whitman: Mr. Orsen is hosting Seattle Schools Middle School Band Festival during the day. Planning to have 1st period Symphonic band (8th grade) perform. Notice will come out for parent volunteers!
  • May have another performance for Jazz Band at Pono Ranch, or looking at other venues nearby


Non-profit status still in flux. It would be easiest for reimbursement, but $50 year to be a non-profit. Will be more work for parents and require infrastructure to support.

  • December online donations from Alliance equaled bake sale amounts - great online contributions.
  • Reminder that CEF grants are available through PTA. Music instructors can utilize as well.

Funky Formal coming up February 28

  • Last year raised over $1000 for music program
  • Parents – watch for the donation sign in the silent auction, the funds go directly to the music program


  • On May 2, we have the Barnes & Noble fundraiser – information will circulate as we get closer
  • Bake sale for concerts: watch for anther sign-up genius for volunteers
  • Open House on 2/19 for incoming 6th graders, talking to Jazz Band kids about performing
  • Will be sending an email to families for direct contributions to music. Jen Doherty drafting

Next FOWM meeting April 6, 5:30-6:30pm in the Music Room– see you there!

Friends of Whitman Music Meeting

January 12, 2015

Band - Eighth Graders: 

• Pep band pizza tomorrow night at Ballard HS;   

• Mr. Anderson at Ingraham will have the same event in February. 

• Info is coming soon for a field trip to UW for UW Band Festival. Students play in a festival atmosphere, get feedback. 

• Collecting money for Silverwood – chaperones need to do their Seattle Schools chaperone training for overnight trips

• February 25th performance for Wind Ensemble at Ballard HS Regional Concert. 

• Junior Jazz Group will have a performance outside of the school at the end of January – details to come!

• March 26th , Whitman / Mr. Orsen is hosting  Seattle Schools Middle School Band Festival during the day.    1st period Symphonic band (8th grade) will perform. 

• Will need parent volunteers! 


• Last Friday, choir festival at Eckstein – went very well.  Clinician excited about the Whitman Choir start.  Looking forward to 2nd semester choir. 


• Orchestra festival this spring

Spring Concerts:

• March 10, all 6th and 7th grade groups will perform

• March 11, all 8th grade groups will perform, ending with combined band and orchestra piece


  • Fundraiser:
  • In May, we have the Barnes & Noble fundraiser – information will be coming
  • Next concert – possibly envelopes that families can bring in with cash 
  • Send a “new tax year” email to families for direct contributions to music.  Jen Doherty will draft
  • Bake sale tables: place a signup for emails of folks looking to be on the email list
  • Family payments of the $35 per family have resulted in $1600 this year, many parents may have forgotten. Mr. Orsen send request for this Lab Fee for materials. 
  • Music Recruitment in Elementaries:
  • Incoming 6th grade class next year – hoping to have larger class.  Mr. Orsen is working with the elementary music teacher to bump up recruitment
  • Elementaries are not learning balanced array of instruments at this time – some schools only learning strings. 
  • T-shirts – not yet in. 
  • Non Profit status-Still in progress
  • Funky Formal coming up February _____
  • Last year raised over $1000 for music program
  • Parents – watch for the donation sign in the silent auction, the funds go directly to the music program

Friends of Whitman Music – Meeting

September 22, 2014

Welcome & Introductions

  • Joel Orsen: Band Director-6 years, Lauren Hepburn: Orchestra and Choir, starting this year
  • Band: 180 students
  • Choir & Orchestra ~90

Goals for year / budget:

  • Fundraising covers everything (nothing provided by school)
  • $15,000 is fundraising goal this year. 3 sources:
    • PTSA gives 200, which is immediately used
    • ASB: Student account; T-shirt sales go to ASB. It almost exclusively goes to field trips, generally to pay for the buses. Beginning year with a balance: $4000
    • Alliance for Education: It’s a bank for school organizations like this. Minimal paperwork and headaches. Easy deposits. The yearly parent contribution of $35/student goes into this account, along with other donations
      • Not all families have paid the $35 donation yet; once back to school frenzy settles, reminder email will be sent to families.

T-shirt sales
: T-shirts are not only fundraiser, but uniform for casual performances. Purchasing shirts helps fund field trips as well. <Looking for new person to lead teach shirt sales – you can shadow this year’s chair. Let Joel know and he’ll pass information along to current chair>

Wreath sales: Chaired by an 8th grade parent - sales benefit 8th graders on their Silverwood competition and adventure park trip. From the form sent home with first day packets, we’ve received over $2000 in orders already. Next week 8th graders will bring home packet for neighborhood/family wreath sales. Delivery/pick up will occur Monday of Thanksgiving week.

Barnes & Noble spring fundraiser: Patti will head up again, received 1000 from last year’s event. One suggestion is to Invite feeder school parents to attend, perhaps provide coupons.

Elementary feeders

  • Enrollment/numbers in feeder schools are going down. 37 6th graders in band this year, which is almost half as many as last year. The choir program has grown but not enough to offset the decrease. Thinking of ways to encourage participation at feeder schools.
  • Music program here share performances with feeder schools.
    • New students joining band who have never played? 5-6 beginners this year. Usually 20-50 beginners.
    • Timing for spring visits: last year students chose electives early, before the band visit. Look at new possibilities this year: go to school concerts; in spring create some ensembles to play for schools. Perhaps schedule a week of “right after school” performances where Whitman students go to different elementaries and perform.
    • Create a service area concert where the music program here shares performances with feeder schools – maybe all groups can perform a piece together
    • Show kids what they can do, where they can go with their music. For example, the Drumline that Joel participates in – have them come perform at concert


  • Volunteers fill all positions – there is a lot of institutional knowledge in 8th grade parents that can be passed along – plenty of assistance for those willing to take on these roles:
  • Open Positions:
    • President & Vice President: work with instructors to set agenda, run meeting, communicate with staff and PTA to bring up items at meetings
    • Chairperson(s): for T-shirt sales, and for wreathe sales. These are already well running fundraisers and processes can be shown/passed on to next chairs.
  • Filled Positions:
    • Treasurer: Lucinda
    • Secretary: Regan
    • Bake sale coordinator: Position filled

Agenda for next meeting:

  • Non-Profit status
  • Open Positions: President/Vice President, fundraising
  • T-shirt deliveries
  • Wreath progress (packets went home with 8th graders)